Dynamic Duo

Daily Nutrition

Some habits are just better together, like taking your vitamins and enjoying a daily protein shake. After all, a well-rounded approach to nutrition means supporting both micronutrient and macronutrient needs. Shop the daily duo designed to help support common dietary gaps.*

Traceable Ingredients

Vegan Friendly

Gluten and Major Allergen Free


No Artificial Colorants or Shady Fillers

From multivitamin to protein powder, our formulations include key nutrients.*

Essential Protein

Daily Shake 18+

Essential Protein

Daily Shake 18+

The clean, traceable, plant-based & sugar-free† protein is here to shake things up. Essential Protein is formulated with pea protein and L-Methionine to provide a complete amino acid profile. *

†Not a reduced calorie food

Protein helps build and maintain lean muscle*

Protein helps support satiety*

Choline helps support brain health*

Protein helps support bone health*

Essential For Women 18+


Essential Duo

Build a foundation with Essential for Women. Our clinical-backed multivitamin is formulated with 9 traceable nutrients and without shady fillers, colorants, or additives. Our smart capsule features a minty-fresh essence and is designed to dissolve in the small intestine, an ideal place to absorb nutrients.*

DHA supports brain health*

Vitamin D supports bone health*

Folate helps to form red blood cells

Vitamin E for antioxidant support*

Essential Duo

Essential Duo

Macro, Meet Micro

SAVE $15

Similar to our reimagined multivitamin, we created a protein from the ground up using the same Ritual standards. Ritual's essential multivitamin and protein help support common nutrient gaps in the diet with high-quality, traceable ingredients.* 

Save $15 on your first order when you bundle a multivitamin and protein into one subscription.



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We show up monthly, so you don't run out of your multivitamins.

Even when you need to snooze or rush your order.

Tell us when you need your multivitamins, and we'll be there.

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