6 Reasons To Try Ritual's Essential for Women 50+ Multivitamin

6 Reasons To Try Ritual's Essential for Women 50+ Multivitamin

1. Designed to support your nutrient needs post-menopause

Menopause is a major transition—and it only makes sense that as your body goes through these different phases, your nutrient needs change, too. Did you know that more than 97% of women aged 50 and up are not getting enough vitamin D from their diet? The truth is, no matter how healthy you eat there are certain essential nutrients you need that are difficult to get from food alone, which is why we include them in Essential for Women 50+.

2. Supports Healthy Aging from Within

We believe supporting your long-term health is about a lot more than what’s on the surface. Our reinvented multivitamin contains nutrients that help to support your body from within — such as Omega-3 DHA and Folate to support brain health and D3, K2, Magnesium, and Boron help maintain bone health.*

3. Simplify Your Vitamin Routine

Instead of making you cobble together 5-8 pills daily, we give you nutrients you need post-menopause in just 2, easy-to-take daily pills.

4. Obsessively-researched

The work done at Ritual is backed by science—not dreams and wishes. Created by a Harvard-trained physiologist, biochemists, and registered dietitians, our team researched ingredients and scoured the globe to find high-quality nutrient forms your body can absorb.

5. What you see is what you get

So, what’s really in your multivitamin? Some multivitamin companies may not want you to know about their fillers, additives, and mysterious ingredients, but not us. We want you to look under the hood. Ritual’s Essential for Women 50+ multivitamin is formulated with nutrients in clean, high-quality forms—without the shady extras.

6. Easy as 1, 2, 3

We give you nutrients you need—delivered to your door for free every month. Plus, a subscription is easy to start, easy to snooze, and you can cancel anytime. Don’t love it for any reason? We’ll give you a full refund! You have nothing to lose.

Ready to get nutrients you actually need?Order Essential for Women 50+ today.

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